Initial Nutrition Visit - One time (45 to 60 minutes)

On your initial nutrition visit we discuss your health status, medical, family and genetic history, social information, your current eating style and preferences, exercise, herbal and medication history and nutrition goals. We need you to bring your (or your kid's) last laboratory analysis and we measure some data (weight, height, etc).

We perform a Body Composition Study with Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer as needed.

After assessment of nutrition status with available data, a Nutrition Diagnosis is identified and prioritized in order to start the Nutrition Treatment Plan.

Generally, at the end of this first interview, we assess what specific eating and exercise habits you would need to change in order to start with your "First Step".

Re-assessment: When patients come six months after the last consultation a re-assessment is done in order to update the entire medical/health information. In this case, he/she is charged as an Initial Consultation.

Physician Referral Form is required for kids or youth with Congenital Heart Defects and for Nutrition Support (Tube feeding or enteral/parenteral nutrition). Notice that other conditions (specially in kids) may require physician referral.

Second Nutrition Visit - Very variable (20 to 60 minutes)

Each patient is different and comes to the Consultation with different Nutrition situations. Some patients only need some small changes in their routine to improve their desirable health status and other really need a longer process to reach the nutrition goal.

Usually, at the second visit we provide the consultant with the Individual Nutrition Treatment Plan. This visit varies a lot in terms of time. Usually it goes up to an hour if Education is involved, like diabetes newly diagnosed patients, nutrition support recommendations for the management of children with home tube feeding, family education on specialized therapeutic diets, specialized formula preparation, etc.

Follow up consultations (20 - 45 minutes)

The number of subsequent visits will vary depending on the nature of your condition and your success at implementing the recommended lifestyle changes. In our follow-up sessions we review the process, what lifestyle changes you have done well and how do you feel with the treatment. Based on this input, we adjust the First Plan to reach the nutrition goal.

Virtual Consulting/ Phone & Skype Consulting Support

For virtual Counseling go to "New Patients" and fill the on-line Personal Information Form. In the slot that indicates "Special health consideration or other information you want us to know", write virtual consultation.
Fees and Discount packages are the same and will be billed in advance (prior to the first appointment).

As an active client of phone calls for follow up and nutrition support are provided for patients with special needs or demands. However, this service is only provided with previous consent between and patient or patient's guardian.
These phone calls can be done for follow-up care but never as a first Assessment Consultation.
They are considered to be like an ordinary follow-up visit and will be billed in advance as well.

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