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Preparing Healthy Food


Healthy eating

Vegan & Vegetarianism

Plant based diet


Weight Management



Unintentional weight loss

Unintentional weight gain
Nutrition for weight loss Surgery


Endocrine Disorders

Pre-diabetes - Type 1 & 2 Diabetes - Metabolic Syndrome 

Hypoglycemia - PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)

Diabetic gastroparesis

Gastrointestinal Disease
GERD – Dyspepsia - Peptic Ulcers

Esophagitis - Dysphagia
Gastroparesis – Barrett’s esophagus
Bowel syndromes such as IBD – IBS - Ostomy

Diarrhea - Constipation
Celiac disease & gluten-related conditions – Tropical sprue

Food allergies such as Wheat allergy

Cardiovascular Disorders
High cholesterol/triglycerides - Hypertension, etc.
Congestive Heart Failure - Congenital Heart Defects, etc


Liver disease & Exocrine Pancreas disorders

Alcoholic & non-alcoholic fatty liver

Alcoholic malnutrition, etc.


Kidney Disease

Acute renal failure - End stage of renal disease

Nephrotic syndrome - Urolithiasis

Pre end stage of Renal Disease

Kidney transplant  

Polycystic kidney disease


and nutrition support for

Oncology patients

among other medical issues

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