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New Patients - Resources

Genetic testing 
for personalized nutrition
Meal Plans 

Food allergies & intolerance Tests

Healthy cooking

Elimination diets

New Patients - starting point

1- Make your First Appointment in-office or virtually

Speak with our friendly assistants at 678-407-2159 to make your first appointment or click on CONTACT US

2 – Patients FORMS

After you schedule an appointment with our assistant, you will receive an appointment confirmation with 2 forms attached: PERSONAL INFORMATION & Agreement Form that you should fill-out 2 days before your visit.  


2.1. You can access your Personal Information form below

     Personal Information form for Adults (19+yrs.)

     Personal Information form for kids & teens (6 to 17 yrs.)

     Personal Information form for Maternal Nutrition

2.2. Consent for treatment, Agreement & Practice Policies

        HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

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