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Maternal Nutrition

Prenatal &
Postpartum Support

Make your health a priority during this special time.


For this special time,

we offer TeleHealth sessions to clients for safety, ease, and to accommodate busy lifestyles.

Our TeleHealth sessions are face-to-face from our office, from your computer or smartphone.

Feel comfortable from home!




Making healthy choices every day along with regular physical activity 

will help fuel your baby’s growth and keep you healthy during pregnancy 

Healthy eating

before, during & after pregnancy 

Vegan & Vegetarianism

Adolescent Pregnancy 

Multiple Pregnancy 

Gestational diabetes

with individualized nutritional plans adjusted to different cultures

(American, Indian, Pakistani, Hispanic and European) 

Special Conditions
Low/excess weight gain during pregnancy
Pregnancy after Bariatric Surgery 

Food sensitivities

Cardiovascular & gastrointestinal disorders

during pregnancy  such as

Hypertension, Reflux,

Celiac disease, others

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